Making Waves: outLoud Radio Celebrates 10 Years of Helping LGBTQ Youth

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… The reason I’ve always thought about Justin is because we grew up in a small, conservative town in Western Kentucky. We went to different schools, and I never saw him again after he quit McDonald’s, but I can’t imagine that being a gay teenager in our little town was easy. In fact, it’s probably not easy anywhere, and that’s what makes the work over at outLoud Radio so important. Now in its 10th year, outLoud Radio trains LGBTQ youth in media and radio skills to give them the confidence they need to decide for themselves how they will be represented. More from the SF Weekly

Old and Young Share Stories, Make Web Radio and Audio Art

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Dottie, now  85, was expelled from her all-girls high school for kissing other students.  Teenager Niko was born a girl, but felt more like a boy.  Dottie is an elder in outLoud Radio’s Inter-generational Storytelling Project; Niko was in an OutLoud Radio summer program. Hear their tales and more — some of outLoud Radio’s best past pieces and new works-in-progress — on this week’s Out in the Bay.  OutLoud has been helping young people make positive change through web radio and audio art since 2002. OutLoud director Noah Miller also tells about his early experiences in radio and why he founded the queer youth audio training program 10 years ago. Eric Jansen hosts. Listen to the show online or Download MP3

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As you know I am a big supporter of our LGBTQ youth – and am a huge fan of (((outLoud))) Radio. No matter who you are or where you come from – listening to the voices of our LGBT future is so inspiring. Juanita More! List


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Press Release: outLoud Radio marks 10 years of LGBT Youth Storytelling (Word Document)


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